How to Make a Happy Pool Party? 30 Great Decoration Ideas for This Summer!

In summer, how can we not have a swimming pool party? It’s a season for happy party, you should enjoy it! If you are planning an unforgettable party, you must consider the pool party! Whether you have a swimming pool or not at home, you can do it! The hotel’s swimming pool can be rented, or go to Airbnb to rent a villa with swimming pool. In short, it’s not difficult to find a pool. So how can we make the pool party more happy and fresh? Here are 30 great decor ideas I’ve collected for you!

First, you need to know the size of your party. If it’s a small party, you can make it more dedicate and personalized. If it’s a big party, then some big balloon decorations are necessary. In fact, pool parties are easier to decorate than lawn parties. For example, you can use some fancy swimming rings to determine the style of the party. The swimming rings are practical and pretty, and they are the perfect elements of a cool pool party.

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And then, do not to forget to set the theme for your party. Green, yellow and orange are all good themes for pool parties. Once you have identified the theme color, your decorations, such as balloons, swimming rings, dessert tables, and tablecloths, are very easy to choose. Last but not least, be sure to prepare the song list for the party! Whether a party is happy or not depends largely on the party songs list. Maybe you could check <This is how we do it> which is highly recommended by Zendaya.