40 Pretty&Attractive Wedding Makeup Ideas for Stylish Brides

The first and most important rule of wedding makeup is not “waterproof mascara” or “paint your face, so you don’t look shiny on the photo.” This is: Keep your own style. Yes, you are the bride, but you are still you. The color of love? Make a green smoky eye? Hate false eyelashes? Skip them! […]

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36 Brilliant Daily Makeup Ideas in 2019 for Dark Skin!

It seems that more and more people now are pursuing darker skin cause it looks healthier. But there are lots of girls who are confused about how to design a fine makeup for dark skin. Now, no more worry! We’ve selected 28 great ideas that may inspire you a lot. Take a look at them, […]

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49 Concert Makeup Ideas to Make You Shinning and Enjoyable

Concerts are a great way to enjoy live music from your favorite artists with your friends. A lot of time can be spent preparing for a concert and many people want to look good at the concert from start to finish. There are some of pictures to help you look fresh while you dance the […]

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30 Festival&Party Make-Up Ideas Taking Your Look from Alright to All Nights

Despite loving festivals, and spending the majority of our monthly pay money on them each year, we’re inevitably still a little horrified by the festival make-up that’s more than extra. Like, how could glitter go that wrong? These festival make-ups are very real. And which is why we’ve rounded up the festival make-up ideas you […]

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49 Party Makeup Ideas That Are Absolutely Worth Copying

Yes, we love the poppers, the champagne, and the glittery decorations. But the best part about party season? Going all out with makeup we normally wouldn’t wear on the regular. Whether you’re feeling smoky glitter lids or gilded lips, we scoured the runways, red carpet, and social media for the coolest party makeup ideas out […]

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50+ Natural Makeup Ideas For All Occasions

As many of us are becoming more and more conscious of what we’re putting in our bodies (green juice! gluten-free alternatives!) and what we’re putting our bodies through (SoulCycle! Barre class!), we’re also becoming more aware of what we’re putting on our bodies. While the performance of natural makeup used to pale in comparison to […]

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46 Gorgeous Daily Makeup Ideas in 2019 for 20-40’s

Many people choose to wear makeup every day, either to cover up deficiency or simply enhance their natural beauty. The everyday natural makeup look is great if you want to look effortlessly beautiful. To achieve this, you need to learn which all natural makeup brands best suit the details of your face. But, the key […]

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If there is a best time to play with makeup, festive season it is. #makeup#dramaticmakeup#festival#concert#ideas#
47 Dramatic Makeup Ideas for Ball and Concert Festival

Every woman wants to look stunning and feel confident. Sometimes cosmetics can do great help. That is why in our article we show you some amazing makeup pictures which you might like, through which you can successfully emphasize your own kind and know how to properly apply cosmetics. If there is a best time to […]

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The secret to a flattering no-makeup makeup look is choosing colors that work with the natural tones of your face—you can enhance those tones or go brighter or deeper.#makeup#makeupideas#nude#nudemakeup#nudemakeupideas#
48 Fantastic Nude Makeup Ideas for You

The nude makeup look is rocking the world of glamour currently. The celebrity influence on this style can’t be denied, and naturally you want a shot at it too. What is nude makeup exactly? Unlike what your cheeky mind is thinking, this is only to do with makeup and nothing else. The idea is to […]

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Firstly, Use a warm color palette#cozy#living room#romantic#
50 Great Ideas to Make Your living Room Cozy & Romantic

Romantic and cozy decors are perhaps one of the most desirable designs for homeowners who view their homes as sanctuaries. Home environments that feel and look warm and inviting do not usually happen on their own. There are various elements that create a cozy and romantic decor, ranging from the inclusion of a warm color […]

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