55 Wonderful Wedding Flower Arrangements For Your Big Day

You’re probably familiar with some of the most common wedding flower arrangements, such as bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces, but it turns out that they’re just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using flowers on the big day. Aside from these popular options, there are dozens of additional ways to use flowers at your wedding, from ceremony altars to welcome table decor. Flowers are a gorgeous way to customize your wedding by bringing your vision to life, but the first step is figuring out exactly what you’ll need (and whether or not it fits into your wedding budget!). We’ve chosen these handy wedding flowers to fill you in on all the times you might want — or in some cases, need — to use flowers on your wedding day.


Our flower wedding centerpieces vary from the classic and elegant to the laid-back and loose. You’ll find just about every color you can imagine, and the various sizes allow you find something that will be an ideal fit for your tables. For grander venues, especially those with high ceilings, we love the look of tall floral centerpieces that offer lots of drama and elegance. If you prefer something simple and classic, consider a smaller arrangement in a clear glass vase. One of the trendy looks we love or modern weddings is to arrange a wreath of flowers around a lantern or candle set. No matter what type of vibe you hope to create at your wedding, we can help you come up with a beautiful design that fits your vision perfectly.

To make your tables truly stunning on your wedding day, you’ll want lovely flower centerpieces as the focal point. This selection of unique floral wedding centerpieces makes it easy to find the inspiration you need for flowers that are perfectly suited to your event. We’re here to help you choose the perfect wedding flowers so you can rest assured that everything will look beautiful on the big day.