49 Concert Makeup Ideas to Make You Shinning and Enjoyable

Concerts are a great way to enjoy live music from your favorite artists with your friends. A lot of time can be spent preparing for a concert and many people want to look good at the concert from start to finish. There are some of pictures to help you look fresh while you dance the night away surrounded by friends. If you know the right things to make up, you will have no problem managing your look the entire night while staying comfortable and having fun.


You have tickets, you have all your rock concert essentials, your outfit is sorted out and last but not least, you’re loaded and ready to go. You have been waiting for this concert for years and now your favourite band is finally coming to town. You’re going to be there from the morning, so make sure you bring some vital things with you like water, an umbrella (come rain or shine, you’ll need one!), a jumper for when you go back home at night, and some food (if there’s gonna be any food from the morning, it’s gonna be expensive. Bring a couple of sandwiches. Your chances of survival will go up significantly.) The last thing left to decide is your makeup. This is a tough decision: is the makeup going to stay a whole day? Will it make it through tons of sweat? The answers are yes and yes. But only if you look our pictures below, you would be satisfied with your time.

A concert is a great time to break out your makeup and go for a look that is more dramatic than usual. It’s a special occasion and you will want your makeup to both accentuate and add intensity to your features.