45 Simple and Modern Living Room Designs for Quiet People

Simplicity is always the most classic design concept. For young people, we don’t have too much time to stay at home, we gotta work, or date with friends, so the living room need not be too luxurious, we just need simple, fashionable and practical design. Today, I will share 45 living room ideas. They are simple and modern, follow them, you can make the best living room in a limited budget. If you are looking for great design inspiration for your living room, please continue reading this blog, I believe you will like them!

When you enter a living room, you will notice the color of the wall first. Yes, the overall effect of the living room is mainly from the wall. So you should pay attention to wall decoration. In addition to the TV background wall can choose fancy colors, other walls should be painted into simple colors, if you think the wall is too monotonous, you can hang several wall decorations and decorative paintings.

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The sofa is the core of the living room. It’s a place where we sit together and enjoys more family time. Considering the usage of the sofa is very frequency, so it is very important to choose the material of the sofa, don’t be afraid to spend money on the sofa, you will know what I am saying after you experienced the good sofa and bad sofa. So take your time to find a comfortable sofa (go to the furniture store to try more). The color of the sofa is better similar to the floor or carpet. You can also make a reading space in the corner of your living room, preferably by the window. It does not occupy too much space and has strong daylighting. You can always see the scenery outside. You can stay in this cozy corner when you want to learn or read.