42 Very Cozy and Practical Decoration Ideas for Small Living Room

Many young people choose to buy a small apartment for themselves first. Such a house is small, but it’s enough to live, and it’s warmer than a big one. The living room of apartment is generally small, so how to decorate the small living room and how to put furniture in order to look more warm? Today, I collected 42 warm ideas for decorating the small living room, I believe they will bring you a lot of inspiration! Please keep looking.

When decorating a small living room, you can choose to use some storage cabinets with receptive function to collect some sundries in your life, keep the cleanliness of the living room, and make the living room look more spacious. In this small living room decoration, its furniture and furnishings should follow the principle of “less and more refined”, and try to choose furniture with simple shape, small size and light weight when choosing furniture. In small living room decoration, the most taboo is the diversity of colors, because multiple colors will make the whole space look chaotic, making the already narrow space more crowded. In the decoration of small living room, two or three kinds of monochrome are often used in combination, which has a good decoration effect.

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The furniture in the small living room is best placed by the wall, which can not only enhance the level of the layout of the living room, but also leave more space for residents to move, so that the living room appears more spacious. The sofa in the small living room can be placed along two adjacent walls, and then put a tea table in the middle of the sofa, which not only facilitates people to better sit and talk, but also enhances the space sense of the small living room, making the overall atmosphere of the living room become relaxed and lively, thus creating a comfortable feeling.