40 Attractive Sparkle Nails ideas to Highlight Normal Summer Outfit

Fingers are parts that are easily exposed to detail. How can this aesthetic place be ignored? So in the summer, going to the nail salon will always be one of the important part activity between girlfriends’ meeting. I collected 00 sparkle nails ideas today. Have a look at which one you like, collect it and go for a nail salon with your best friend!


Summer outfit tends to be bright and more colorful, so I like to apply solid color nail polish in the summer, without any embellishment. However, the bright colors are also very suitable for summer, these bright nails ideas are simple and comfortable, so your summer outfit will not be too complicated. The nails with sequins are also very colorful. At first glance, you may feel some exaggeration, but the whole color style is elegant. Under the sunlight, the nail must be gleaming!

Naked pink is also the most popular color in pure color nails. Many of the nails here use a light nude pink as the background color, and at the same time add different sequins. It looks good and does not look exaggerated. It is really a girl’s favorite!