37 Amazing Eyeshadow Ideas That Will Make You Stand Out from Crowd!

If you are looking for an outstanding makeup for a party, music festival, or holiday, you must first consider an outstanding eye shadow. Because eye shadow is the key part of the whole makeup style. You don’t even need to spend too much money thinking about what to wear. With an outstanding makeup, even a black dress can make you stand out from the crowd! This is the charm of makeup! Today, I will share 37 amazing eyeshadow ideas, so that you can easily get an amazing makeup.

Orange eye shadow is very suitable for summer. You can create this gorgeous eye shadow by using light yellow foundation, scrubbing and filling eyebrows, mixing some orange and golden eye shadow, and adding orange red lipstick on your lips. It’s wild enough to go shopping, have afternoon tea and go to bars with my sisters. Everything is perfect!

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Parties are the best time to try false eyelashes. They add drama to the whole makeup. Because you emphasize your eyes, so you can keep other parts of your face natural, such as a naked lipstick, which is enough to shine your whole face bright like a diamond! Green eyeshadow is also very popular recently. You can also use it on your lower eyelids, which will help you hide your eye bag. Finally, don’t forget to put a sparkling powder on the corners of your eyes. It’s very pretty!