36 Brilliant Daily Makeup Ideas in 2019 for Dark Skin!

It seems that more and more people now are pursuing darker skin cause it looks healthier. But there are lots of girls who are confused about how to design a fine makeup for dark skin. Now, no more worry! We’ve selected 28 great ideas that may inspire you a lot. Take a look at them, you won’t be disappointed!


Perhaps the most classic eye shadow color for dark skin girls is darkish hues, like black or espresso brown, with the same hue of eye liner color. This kind of eye shadow will make your eyes deep. But if you want some difference to show your vitality or rebellion, it’s totally OK for you to try some light color like sky blue or orange! Other colors like dark purple, dark blue and red will give you a sense of mystery and exoticism. As for lipsticks, both light color and deep color are gorgeous! Believe it or not, dark skin can handle almost every kind of lipstick! And there is no need for you to cover all your lips with lip gloss or lipstick, add just a little on them will be quite enough, by which way your makeup will seem more natural. And shimmering powder will perfectly add color to your makeup especially for dark skin! Brush some on your eyes and lips, girl, you are glowing!

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We all believe that no girl will refuse a pretty eye-catching makeup. A suitable makeup can not only beautify your feature, making you more attractive, but also express your mood or character.  Just be brave and confident, choose your favorite and walk into the hall of beauty! We do hope that those 28 pictures will give you sparkling inspirations.