35 Retro Wedding Backdrop Ideas That May Impress You!

A retro style wedding may be somehow strange for many people. But for those who are keen on this style, the touchy feeling it brings to them is beyond description. Now, let’s go and have a look at those wonderful retro wedding backdrop ideas that may leave you striking impression!


The retro style contains many different elements. For most people, the old wood double doors, bronze candelabra, hanging macramé can all make them travel back to the mysterious old times. And of course, it is definitely a great idea to use them as your wedding backdrop decorations. It is a totally different feeling when you stand with those retro surroundings rather than city mansions, and it endows your wedding both the feeling of rustic and the feeling of sacred. This style can also represent something profound. It’s like the bride and bridegroom’s love has withstood the test of time and will last for ever. Awesome blessing, isn’t it? And who won’t like it?

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After viewing so many varied wedding ideas, did the backdrops of this retro style freshen your eyes? It’s not so acceptable for everyone, but you are the owner of your wedding after all, aren’t you? You don’t need to cater anyone else. Just choose whatever you like, and be the happiest bride!