35 Cute Art Nail Designs That Will Spark Your Creativity!

You can never imagine the enjoyment of doing manicures until you try it! For nail art lovers, the joy you can get as you watch your nails gradually get the magical look is uncomparable. Now, are you ready to get new nail art ideas? Go and see the 35 cute art nail ideas below!


Maybe you are already tired of some complicated nail designs that are a bit over the top, these cute and simple nail designs can surely catch your eyes. First you should trim the nails to get your favorite shape, then, choosing the right base color for you manicure is of great importance. According to your skin tone, find the one that suits you the most. Actually when you have these all done, the most simple nail art is right in front of you. But to get the cute effect, delicately add some small patterns on it. Color patches, regular geometric figures, cute animals or plants, shimmering glitter, whatever you like! Finally, never forget the top coat to protect your art work!

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It doesn’t matter whether you have long or short nails, as long as you have the wish to get your nails pretty coats, you can make your art nail dream come true. Just spark your creativity and get some good ideas from here, your nails are waiting for their magical change!