35 Awesome Wing Tattoo Ideas That Will Be Helpful For You!

Everyone used to have a dream of fly when they were still kids. We dreamed that we were like birds with a pair of cool wings, flying on the sky freely. Unfortunately it will never come true. But we may have other ways in memory of our childhood dreams. Below are 35 awesome wing tattoos that you will like.

Tattoos are our unique imprinting. We get tattoos sometimes because we want to memorize something. It is a great idea to make your childhood dreams a part of your body. Maybe it’s not about your childhood, but about your personal belief, wings also represent a lot of things. It can be a symbol of sacred belief. We yearn for freedom, what else could be more expressive than wings? In ancient mythology, every angel and evil has wings. Which one do you prefer? Maybe the wings represent some secret feelings that even you yourself can not tell. Or, it’s just for beauty! The graceful shape of wings can always amaze us that we will be crazy about them!

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You can have realistic wing patterns or cute stick figures. And you can choose the tattoo’s shape according to your own preference and where you want to get it done. Those 35 awesome pictures have already set you great examples and hope they will be helpful for you.