32 Glamorous Ombre Nail Ideas That Will Make Your Fingertips Glow!

Have you ever felt it difficult to choose your decent color when making your manicure? There are so many beautiful colors that you are hesitated about which one to choose? Then, here comes the solution! The trendy, chic and eye-catching ombre nails should give you sparkling inspirations! Go and see them!

Ombre from its French etymology means “to shade,” and a broader definition given by the dictionary is that it means having colors or tones that shade into each other. Here are 6 steps to accomplish the most simple but beautiful ombre nails. The first step,of course, choose two colors that you are fond of! Second, apply a base coat to your nails. It’s also an important step to protect your nails. Third, apply the first base color coat to half of your fingernail. Fourth, apply another color base to the other half, so that they are not touching. Fifth, use a tiny paintbrush to mix the colors. Last step, apply top coat. Wait it to be dried, then you’ve got it!

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The craze for ombre nails inspires the expression of the whimsical feminine and the unleashed passion for creativity. And you can also apply glitter over the top or bottom of your nail, which totally depends on your preferences. Did these glamorous ombre nails touch your heart? If so, do not hesitate to try them!