32 Cute Short Curly Hairstyles That Will Absolutely Give You a New Look&New Life!

Curl hairstyles builds the fashionable feeling that gives a kind of retro style, a lot of girls that like to do curl appear nifty and lovely. Besides, curly hairstyles are especially suitable for short hair girls. Don’t believe it? Then just see these 32 cute short wavy haircuts below!


This kind of perming has very high requirements for cutting, and it must have good air permeability and strong sense of line. Slightly perming&Modelling can make this kind of natural soft and beautiful hairstyle. Do not expect your hair can make a curly hairstyle by itself after washing it, all micro curl needs to be modeled, or it will just be messy. Only after modeling can your hairstyle be good-looking. Shoulder-length small curls are more feminine, burgundy har color makes you more outstanding. Putting one side of your hair behind the ear will appear sexy, cool and personalized. Big wavy hairstyle suits intellectual and elegant modern office women very much. It can highlight your female glamour.

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If you are really in for these short hairstyles for wavy hair, you should bravely try them. But specific hairstyles still need hair stylist face to face according to your face shape, temperament, head shape, hair quality to design. Here we give you these suggestions, hope which will be useful for you!