31 Unique Square Wedding Cakes to Add Your Weddings Creativity

Square wedding cakes are a huge trend this year, and many couples gonna rock them instead of round ones. Why? Just look at these masterpieces! Geometric corners of a square wedding cake look so unusual together with tender flowers, letters and other modern elements! If you’re tired of the beautiful but usual round shape of wedding cakes, pick up square ones. This type of cake will certainly add some creativity to your wedding.


You can choose a monophonic cake or with interesting or funny prints, decorate it with bows, ribbons, flowers or cool and original cake toppers or maybe create a naked wedding cake. Ribbon, rhinestones, geodes, geometric patterns and peculiar cake toppers – this is just a part of the list of decorations to try. And we need to tell you that square cakes are looking absolutely charming on wedding photos, just scroll down and you’ll convinced of it! Also you can think about you’re your wedding some individual square cakes. Individual wedding cakes are a contemporary alternative to a large wedding cake or wedding cupcakes. Individual cakes can be arranged on tiered cake stands for dramatic effect. Individual cakes can also be individually wrapped or boxed with a message from the bride and groom and a monogrammed napkin as a wedding favor, or arranged as a dessert bar. By doing this, you can incorporate a variety of flavors. And there are many designs to inspire you to prepare your square cakes.

An easy way to update your wedding cake is to forgot the traditional round tiers and choose square tiers, instead. With clean, crisp lines , wedding cakes with square layers are an eye-catching, fresher alternative. You may order a square cake in any style – from art deco to boho, there are beautiful dirty iced and naked wedding cakes. I also love square cakes in different tiers with flowers in between. And which are your favorite ones?