30 Festival&Party Make-Up Ideas Taking Your Look from Alright to All Nights

Despite loving festivals, and spending the majority of our monthly pay money on them each year, we’re inevitably still a little horrified by the festival make-up that’s more than extra. Like, how could glitter go that wrong? These festival make-ups are very real. And which is why we’ve rounded up the festival make-up ideas you could, and should, be working when you’re rocking around a field, sipping on a plastic cup of cider and feeling like world peace really could happen if we all just learnt to love (and wear way more glitter).


It’s almost the time to take out the denim shorts, trusty willies and bathe in a sea of glitter as Electric Picnic is just around the corner and our excitement is sky high. Taking inspiration from all the biggest festivals of 2019, we have compiled some popular makeup ideas that are quick and easy to do in your tent.

If there is one thing that’s just as important as the festival outfit, it’s your makeup! And doing your makeup is just as much fun as putting your outfit together – especially if they match! However, finding inspiration on what look you want to go for can be a little tricky, so whether you’re a makeup guru or just starting out with a love of beauty products, we’ve got some inspiration here for everyone. From the no-makeup makeup look to all-out rainbow makeup, these looks are going to be all the festival makeup inspiration you need!