30+ Simple but Gorgeous Braid Hairstyles You Should Try Next!

Braid is an interesting thing. Whether it’s for cool or for a good look, today’s hairstyle collection will give you many great inspirations. But I have to say that these hairstyles may not be suitable for beginners, because some of the braids need a little skill to complete. So, if you are no longer a beginner, and are looking for some new inspirations for your next braid hairstyle, then this blog is definitely worth reading.

The monotonous ponytail is a thing of the past. Have some braid designs in the ponytail, showing a little sexy caution, bringing a subtle but elegant taste, so that you stand out in the crowd. Or tie two braids on the ground. This hairstyle is relatively simple, but it shows a simple and generous atmosphere. Add one or two Pearl hairpins, perfect!


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Girls with long hair can coil up their hair, reveal their fair and gentle neck, and instantly improve their temperament! The air of dignity and elegance burst out immediately, and it was refreshing. Short-haired girls can simply braid the long bangs in front of them, revealing perfect forehead, showing thin cheeks on both sides, thus creating a small face and decorating a sweet and lovely personality.