30+ Nice Entryway Designs for You to Make Your House More Comfortable

The entryway is the first part of a house. It is the connection between the outside world and our warm home. So we should pay a great attention to decorate the entryway well. A great entryway will make us feel happy and warm the first moment we step into the door. Then enjoy the relaxing time at home. So, here, I’ve collected 30+ very nice ideas about entryway decor that will inspire you so much.

Usually, the way we like to decor entryway is to put a locker or a shoe rack in here. Storage cabinets can be used to storage things that may be most used when going out, such as keys, sunglasses and umbrellas. Also you can put shoes you need to wear recently under the shelf. A bottle of fresh flowers is also very necessary. Flowers can make the whole house more beautiful. And, you can put a couple of clothes hanging hooks on the wall to put on the coats you’ve been wearing recently.

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Finally, it’s a great idea for girls to place or suspend a big mirror on the entryway wall. Because we usually need to make sure our makeup is OK when we go out. My suggestion is to choose a circular mirror, because your locker and shoe cabinet are generally square, and if you choose square mirror, that will make the entryway space boring and dull. In short, circle mirror is the best choice. It makes space more diverse and interesting.