30 Modern Makeup Table Ideas to Complete Your Dream Room

As any cosmetologist will tell you, there’s an art to applying makeup perfectly, and just as great artists need space for their work, you deserve a dedicated space for yours! A makeup vanity offers the perfect combination of dedicated space, storage, and style to make applying makeup a joy rather than a chore. Though there are many makeup vanity designs available, of all different styles and arrangements, there are a few things they all have in common. Every woman knows that beauty needs time, care and a mirror. With a proper make-up vanity table, taking care of your looks is nice and easy. And the collection of modern make-up vanity tables below proves that you don’t have to give up on style, either.


Anyone who says diamonds are a girl’s best friend clearly hasn’t tried to come between a beauty queen and her makeup table. Woman that have them love and woman that don’t, well, this is the collection for you. Here are some helpful ways to step up your beauty routine. With many featuring multiple compartments for organization, you can say goodbye to the dreaded dig into the unknown depths of your makeup bag. We have our opinion and we certainly know you will have yours! Check the designs below.

Work has definitely become a bigger part of life at home in the last few years and the lines between personal space and a professional environment are increasingly vague. But for those who still love and need the makeup vanity, there are plenty of stylish, space-savvy and elegant options that bring back a touch of charm and modern makeup table ideas to your room.