30+ Great Small Bathroom with Bathtub Design Ideas You Will Love

When you come back to home after an all day busy work, the happiest things must be soaking in a tub comfortably while drinking red wine. The bathroom is not only a practical home space but also a romantic private place. And the bathtub is the soul of a romantic bathroom. If you have experienced the bathroom of a five-star hotel, you should have known its charm.


Today, I will share with you 30+ great bathroom design ideas with bathtubs. They are different styles, fashionable modern, simple Nordic, Bohemian, and so on. Whether you are a trendy young people or a minimalist lover, here I believe you can find some great bathroom inspirations that you like and suit your house.

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Besides the bathtub, to make a romantic and tasteful bathroom, aromatic candles are indispensable, of course. Place some aromatherapy candles around the bathtub, which can not only make the bathroom fragrant but also illuminate the space and provide light. The flickering light and light fragrance can absolutely quickly drive away your fatigue and restore calm and relaxation. Finally, you can put in some green plants, these natural elements are undoubtedly the best help to relax.