30 Great and Easy Makeup Ideas for Date Night!

Dating makeup pays attention to nature and highlights the delicate and gentle qualities of girls. Therefore, blush, eye makeup, and lip makeup should use pink matte color. For foundation, we use Korean lustrous style. Therefore, the whole makeup is light, thin and translucent. A great makeup can bring a sweet and romantic air to your date. So, here I collect 00 makeup ideas for date night, let’t learn together!

Before makeup, be sure to care for your skin in advance so that your makeup will be natural and docile. In the final step of the nursing, use a hydrating mask to fill the face with water, so that it is better to so makeup. The clear and flawless face is the foundation of a perfect makeup, so even if you have time to catch up, don’t ignore the makeup!

The basic steps
Step 1: Select a liquid foundation dump it in your back of the hand, use a makeup brush to dip the foundation on the hand, and from the inside to the outside. brush the foundation to the skin with a makeup brush.
Step 2: Then use the concealer.
Step 3: Brush the eye shadow on the eye socket, apply eye shadow on the double eyelids, and make the whole eye full of girl feeling. Every step is a swipe, not too heavy.
Step 4: Use the eyeliner to draw the eyeliner along the root of the eyelashes. When you reach the end of the eye, you can raise it slightly and stretch it. Novices can use the eyeliner to draw a rough eyeliner first, and then do the eyeliner to follow the existing eyeliner.
Step 5: Since mascara is easy to remove makeup, you can use false eyelashes to create a more perfect lash effect. First measure the length of the false eyelashes. The inner side of the false eyelashes is 4-5 mm behind the inner corner of the eye. It is not necessary to fill the inner corners of the eyes. The whole is slightly longer than the eyes, and the excess is cut off.
Step 6: First draw a Japanese eyebrow shape with an eyebrow pencil. This eyebrow shape will make people more gentle and friendly. Then use the eyebrow powder to fill the gaps in the eyebrows. Note that the brows can be slightly lighted with a light color. Finally, use eyebrow dye to adjust the color of your eyebrows.

Have you learned the simple and easy to learn steps? The perfect date starts here.