30 Gorgeous White Wedding Nail Designs That’s Unique for Brides

Once you’ve ticked off the wedding dress and venue, narrowed down the guest list and picked your perfect undo, the only thing left to do is find your suitable wedding nails. If you’re subtle, you’ll pick a pretty good nails from our bridal nail guide, even if you want every inch of you to be extra (it is your big day after all), you can also look at our sites.


Dress, venue, guest list, flowers, shoes, suits, bridesmaids and groomsman; maybe there is a great number of things to tick off your to-do list before you say, I do. So it is understood that your nails might not be the first things on your mind. But please trust us when we say that your hands will get a lot of attention on your special day. We know that you certainly don’t want to be caught short in those close-up bouquet shots with unpolished and unfinished talons. As a bride to be, we also understand how busy you are and that you don’t have time to be scrolling through so many pages and keeping up with manicure trends. So we’ve done the big work for you and put together this best list of beautiful wedding nails for your special day.

From classic white and pastel pink, the choices for your wedding nails are fixable. If you’re a more traditional bride, you might want to go for muted or pastel colors such as white, nude, matte gold or pink. But we strongly recommend you of the white wedding nails as they are so gorgeous. Or, if you’re feeling extra edgy, you could always try a deep grey. Whatever you want, we have collected a lot of wedding nails for you brides to choose.