30 Cozy Morden Nordic Style Bedroom Schemes for Girls’ Apartment

Nordic style is currently a more popular style of home decoration. Its simple color scheme is very natural and comfortable. That’s because the Nordic style is usually over-extended with neutral colors, dominated by the light color, and a litter bright color will not destroy the overall stable visual experience, it will be bright and lively. So how can we decor our bedroom in Nordic style? Here, I will show you 30 very comfortable modern Nordic style bedroom schemes.

If you are pursuing Nordic style minimalism, then the pink and gray classic girls bedroom color will definitely attract your attention. On the basis of the large white block, the bed column, the frame, the edge of the pillow are grayed out to form a line, while the bed end stool and the blanket are mainly pink. And the whole room will be simple and noble. The gray rug adds texture to the bedroom. Finally, adding green plants and embellished decorations, the minimalist Nordic style will make your bedroom look bright and tidy. With the dominant color of the white and gray ash, boldly add some bright color, it will highlight the owner’s unique taste.

Light blue is said to be the most popular home color in the Nordic style except white. The use of blue and white in the bedroom color matching is easy to reminiscent of the blue sky and white clouds, the sea white waves, but also in line with the Nordic style return to nature. When you are in a blue and white environment, you will always feel comfortable and refreshed, and you can effectively relieve stress. If you love blue color, try to brush a wall in blue, and the sheets are also suitable for blue and white. Maybe you can see the sea and the blue sky in your dream!